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Alternative Day Program

The Alternative Day Program, located at St. Anne Grade School and St. Anne High School, provides services and assistance to meet educational, social/emotional and behavioral needs of students from northern Iroquois and Kankakee Counties. Along with academic instruction, students learn the social skills required for building and maintaining satisfactory relationships, constructively solving problems, managing their physical and emotional health, securing employment, living independently and achieving other worthwhile goals.

Staff are committed to work closely with parents, home schools and community agencies. You may contact the staff at 815-427-8153 for Elementary and Junior High ages and 815-427-8141 for High School aged students.

Parent Student Handbook for the Alternative Day Program

2021-2022 Alternative Day Program calendar

Communications Program

The philosophy of the Communications Program is for learners with significant speech-language, social-communication, or autism spectrum disorders to recognize and achieve their full potential. Students are provided with opportunities to apply strategies that capitalize on strengths and accommodate learning styles in an environment that integrates academics, communication and socialization.

The Communications Program classroom is housed in public school building to maximize opportunities for learning and interaction with non-disabled peers. The classroom is arranged to provide students with a highly structured environment, extensive visual cues, and minimal sensory distraction.

2021-2022 Communications Program calendar

Transition Program

KASEC started a new program starting with the 2021-2022 school year.

Contact Information

Kankakee Area Special Education Cooperative (KASEC)

 PO Box 71
      St. Anne, IL 60964

 (815) 422-4151
 (815) 427-8409


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