Audiology services include identification of children with educationally significant hearing loss, birth through high school graduation, residing within our participating school districts. Audiological evaluations are completed to determine the range, nature and degree of hearing loss, with referrals made for medical follow-up and treatment as well as appropriate educational intervention. Our audiologist participates in the process of obtaining personal hearing instruments, individual and group FM systems and other assistive listening technology, and evaluates and monitors the effectiveness of those devices. Additionally, our audiologist provides counseling and guidance for children, parents and teachers regarding hearing loss. Our audiologist participates in consultation regarding classroom acoustics, hearing and hearing disorders.

All services are provided by our licensed audiologist, Lori Ader-Steinhauser. The Audiology office is located at 2801 Eastgate Parkway in Kankakee. Ms. Ader-Steinhauser can be contacted by calling 815-401-7460.